Cultivated with care

We specialize in growing a range of carnivorous plants including butterworts, sundews, venus flytraps, and pitcher plants, all available for sale through our website. As a family-run nursery, healthy plants and DIY Arts Crafts Tole Painting Pattern Yankee Doodle Clock Ronnie Bringle 1990 are our top priorities so you can rest assured you will have a successful growing experience. Check out our ever-changing selection and add some carnivorous plants to your collection today!

Popular resource articles

How To Feed Carnivorous Plants

Whether your carnivorous plants are indoors or you live in an area where there are fewer bugs available, you may have decided it’s necessary to begin supplying them with some alternate food sources. read more >>

How Much Light Do Carnivorous Plants Need? – Part 2

In AMAT P1183-2/2, we talked about what type of light carnivorous plants need, but what about how much light they need? In the context of helping us make better decisions for our grow setups, this question is really three questions: read more >>

Watering Carnivorous Plants

Providing water that is safe for carnivorous plants requires a little research. Water from your faucet may be perfectly fine, but it may have a detrimental effect on the health of your plants. read more >>